International Sales Department

Rybinskkabel LLC, one of the leading suppliers of cable products in Russia, was established in 1949. Located in the heart of an industrial zone, it quickly became a multiproduct enterprise producing cables of different nomenclature widely used in civil and defense applications.

Today Rybinskkabel produces more than 40,000 label sizes of cabling and wiring products with copper and aluminum cores for a variety of applications. The company employs more than 1,000 people.

In 1998 the company was among the first in Russia to certify its management system according to the

ISO 9002-94 standard by Kema. Currently, the company’s quality management system is certified to ISO 9001:2008 (by DEKRA) and GOST ISO 9001-2011 (by SECAB certification body). Quality of Rybinskkabel products has been confirmed by the Maritime and River Registers of Shipping, a Rostekhnadzor license, a certificate of the Military Register on defense production, MOESK permits, Lenenergo endorsements and a Rosseti authorization.

Rybinskkabel has four offices in major Russian cities.

Every year we supply 30 million US dollars’ worth of products to customers in the USA, UK, Austria, Georgia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Estonia, Vietnam and the CIS countries.

Rybinsk Cable Plant was awarded the title “Best Russian Exporter 2011” (the diploma will be attached), and the diploma of the “100 Best Goods of Russia 2013” competition.

Rybinskkabel is a frequent participant of international trade shows in Moscow, Hanover, Izmir, Singapore, Beijing and the CIS countries.

Product range

  • Flexible rubber-insulated power cables (KG, KG-HL, KG-T, KGN, RPSh, KRShS...)
  • Power and control cables in PVC insulation including low toxicity cables ((A)VVG, KVVG(E), KVKbShv, (A)VVGng(A), (A)VVGng(A)-LS, KVVGng(A)-LS, VVGng(A)-LSLTx, VBShvng(A)-LSLTx...)
  • XLPE-insulated power cables, nominal voltage 6–35 kV ((A)PvP, (A)PvPu2g, (A)PvBP, (A)PvVng(A)-LS...)
  • XLPE-insulated power cables with PVC insulation, including zero-halogen and fire resistant versions (PvVG, PvPng(A)-HF (FRHF), PPGng(A)-HF (FRHF)...)
  • Power and control cables in PVC and PE insulation, steel tape armored ((A)VBShv, (A)VBShvng(A), (A)KVBbShv, (A)VBShvng(A)-LS, (A)KVBbShvng(A)-LS, (A)PvBShv(A), (A)PvBShvng(A), (A)PvBShp...)
  • Self-supporting XLPE-insulated wires
  • Shipboard cables (KNR, NRShM, NGRShM, MERShM, KNRP, KMPV, KMPVE, KMPEV, KSKTEng(V)-HFFR...)
  • Equipment cables (MKSh, MKEShv, KMEV, KMEKVng(A)-LS...)
  • Fire and security alarm cables (KPSng(A)-FRLS, KSPV, KVPSV)
  • Electric transport cables (PPSRMO, PPSRVM, KPSRVM, PpsTVM, PS, PGKrTng-HF....)
  • Control cables (KUPR(V), KUPER(V), KUPER(V)ng(A)-LS, KRShU, KRShUE, KUGVV, KGVV...)
  • Connecting wires and cords (PVS, PRS, ShVVP, ShRO...)
  • Automobile and airplane wires (PGVA, PVA, PVAM, BPVL, BPVLE...)
  • Heat-resistant wires with silicone insulation (PGRO, PKGM, PRKA, PVKV...)
  • Installation wires (APV, (A)PPV, PuV, PRTO...)

New products

  • Control cables, flame retardant, low smoke, low toxicity KVVGng(A)-LSLTx, AKVVGng(A)-LSLTx, KVVGEng(A)-LSLTx, AKVVGEng(A)-LSLTx, KVBbShvng(A)-LSLTx, AKVBbShvng(A)-LSLTx, KVVGng(A)-FRLSLTx, KVVGEng(A)-FRLSLTx, KVBbShvng(A)-FRLSLTx
  • Alarm system cables KSPV, KSPVng(A), KSPEV, KSPEVng(A), KSPVG, KSPVGng(A), KSPEVG, KSPEVGng(A)
  • Fire and security alarm cables, fire resistant, low toxicity KPSng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSEng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSSng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSSEng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSBKng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSEBKng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSBKGng(A)-FRLSLTx, KPSEBKGng(A)-FRLSLTx
  • Fire and security alarm cables, fire resistant KPSSng(A)-FRLS, KPSSEng(A)-FRLS, KPSSng(A)-FRHF, KPSSEng(A)-FRHF, KPSBKng(A)-FRLS, KPSEBKng(A)-FRLS, KPSBKng(A)-FRHF, KPSEBKng(A)-FRHF, KPSBKGng(A)-FRLS, KPSEBKGng(A)-FRLS, KPSBKGng(A)-FRHF, KPSEBKGng(A)-FRHF
  • Flexible power cables for lifting systems KPG1U, KPG2U
  • 1kV DC power cables with plastic insulation and pilot wires AVBShv, AVBShvng(A), AVBShvng(A)-LS-1, APvBShv section size 1?800+2?1.0, 1?800+2?1.5
  • Rolling stock wires, lacquered braid, increased fire resistance PpsVLng(A), PpsVLEng(A)
  • 1-4kV flame retardant rolling stock cables and wires PPSTVMng(A), KPSTVMng(A), PPSKVMng(A), KPSKVMng(A)
  • 6-35kV XLPE-insulated power cables with zero-halogen polymer composite coating (A)PvPng(A) and (B)-HF, (A)PvBPng(A)-HF
  • Installation wires, increased fire resistance PuPng(A)-HF, PuGPng(A)-HF
  • PAERT reactor wire

100 Best Goods of Russia 2011 (PDF, 1 МБ)

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